A successful false alarm reduction program requires an effective ordinance, which includes alarm user registration and the collection of fines for repeated incidents. This revenue offsets the cost of public safety and law enforcement.

Many cities, counties, and metropolitan jurisdictions use existing CAD (computer aided dispatch), RMS (records management system), and outdated legacy programs to help manage false alarm incidents, but find they lack the accounting and collection solution necessary to assist with enforcing their false alarm ordinance.

These systems simply don't have the capability to effectively handle large transaction volume of billable false alarm incidents, and accounts receivable features needed for managing the accounting process.

Purvis Gray understands the demands of accounting for large volumes of transactions and revenue, not to mention the scrutiny imposed on cities regarding auditing and funding.

Our software separates itself from the rest of the pack by incorporating critical features such as audit trails and transactional billing. Have confidence and peace of mind knowing that in all areas related to your false alarm software solution, FARS has you covered.


FARS is built upon strong accounting principles, backed by over 50 years CPA expertise in various government sectors.

Automation and flexible integration features are key to successfully billing, collecting, and accounting for permits and fines.

Alarm users need to be notified accurately and in a timely manner, unlike monthly or annual cycles common with outdated  legacy applications.