FARS is a proven false alarm billing and management solution for local governments  that are committed to reducing  false alarms and related costs in their jurisdiction(s).

Electronic Interface to RMS or CAD - FARS can be electronically interfaced to your RMS, and/or CAD systems to automatically bill customers for false alarms.

Flexible Reporting -  Information is tracked by date allowing most reports to be generated using date ranges. FARS was designed to be date sensitive, so no month-end or year-end closeout routines are required.

Web Interface & Registration -  Your choice of either  "Windows" or web client GUI (graphical user interface). Both will work with Windows XP or higher installed.

Multi-Jurisdictional - Use FARS to track activity and billing for multiple jurisdictions. Customize billing and rate structures for each jurisdiction and/or ordinance.  Use either central or separate cash processing for jurisdictions.

Master Billing Accounts - FARS allows the option of using "master billing accounts" so that multiple locations (i.e. local business chain or apartment complex)  can be tracked and billed under one account . False alarms and permit registration can be linked to the master account.

History Tracking - Perpetual history of all billing activity is maintained by the system. Accounts receivable balances can be viewed as "balance forward" or "open item" activity. A history of contact with the alarm holder such as phone calls or correspondence can be tracked by date.

Key-Holder Information - A list of alternative "key-holders" for each account can be maintained in the database. This information can be updated to the RMS or CAD system so dispatchers have additional people to contact in the event of a call.

Bulk Mail Interface - FARS automates the process of mailing invoices  and notifications with our bulk mail vendor interface. Other automated processes such as our bank lockbox interface and online credit card processing, reduces unnecessary clerical and bookkeeping hours.

Escrow Processing - FARS allows you to receive monies in advance from alarm companies and later apply these escrow monies to permit registration fees for their new customers. Escrow statements can be processed "on-demand" for the alarm companies.

Monitoring/Contractor Web Access - Monitoring companies and contractors can access the status of their accounts via the Internet.

Alarm User Web Portal - A FARS module allowing alarm users to make credit card payments via the Internet.

Document Management System - Allows you to link scanned documents directly to an alarm user's account.

Email Invoices - Allows the ability to email alarm users permit renewals and false alarm incident invoices.

...And many more.


FARS is a streamlined billing and registration system with an electronic interface which seamlessly integrates into your existing dispatch, RMS or CAD systems.
FARS simplifies false alarm billing and collection functions with user friendly interface(s); and helps you efficiently manage the key components of your jurisdiction's alarm ordinance(s).
FARS is flexible enough to be scaled for large metropolitan jurisdictions down to single-user operations.

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