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False Alarms waste taxpayer dollars and law enforcement time. False alarms incidents create distractions from the core public safety mission of law enforcement by diverting first responder personnel from real emergencies.


With a steady increase of commercial and residential alarm systems, the number of false alarms will continue to grow;  

“The vast majority of alarm calls—between 94 and 98 percent (higher in some jurisdictions)—are false… in 2002 police  responded to approximately 36 million alarm activations, at an estimated annual cost of $1.8 billion” (U.S. Dept. of Justice).

Purvis Gray Technology Group


Our False Alarm Reduction System  (FARS) is a complete, proven solution which generates significant revenue for your jurisdiction by efficiently managing the entire billing, tracking and collecting functions associated with an effective alarm ordinance.

Developed on an innovative technology platform, FARS utilizes either windows or web client and is flexible enough to be scaled for large metropolitan jurisdictions down to single-user operations.

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FARS incorporates a unique accounting solution, based on over 50 years CPA expertise in various government sectors.

Purvis Gray understands the increasing scrutiny imposed on cities, counties, and metropolitan jurisdictions regarding funding, auditing, and general accounting practices.

Other false alarm software packages are not built upon these strong accounting principles, and therefore lack critical features such as audit trails and transactional billing.

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Control Public Safety Costs

Enforcing an effective alarm ordinance ensures a reduction in false alarm incidents. Our false alarm billing solution ensures you are billing, collecting, and accounting for permits and fines.

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